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I love using potpourri, especially around Christmastime. It’s a great way to scent your home, and it looks nice too. So, I made this easy lighted Christmas potpourri jar, and not only does it make the room smell nice, but it also imparts a soft, warm glow to the entire area. I made a similar craft last month over at PinkWhen, but this one is perfect for Christmas!


This is such a super easy and very budget friendly craft. Plus, you don’t need many supplies or any special equipment either — totally my kind of project! And, this little scented jar makes a wonderful homemade Christmas gift too. You can make some for friends, teachers, neighbors, coworkers or just about anyone!

Here are the basic supplies you’ll need. You can buy potpourri from the store or make your own, using vase filler and essential oils or fragrance oils. You’ll also need your choice of fabric for the top.


How to Make a Lighted Christmas Potpourri Jar

  • Large mason jar or any large glass jar
  • Potpourri or small pine cones or vase filler (plus fragrance if you’re using vase filler)
  • Small strand of mini lights

Add the lights and the filler to the jar and weave the lights in with the filler so that they’re evenly spaced throughout the jar.

I added a few drops of cinnamon and orange essential oil to some pine cone vase filler, and then I added to the jar. The heat from the lights enhances the scent, but you can always add a little more if you need to.

Make sure that the end of the light strand hangs out of the jar since you’ll need to plug it into the outlet on the wall.


Then, I cut some red burlap and used it to cover the opening of the jar. I added a red and white twine bow to hold the burlap in place.


Wasn’t that easy? I keep this pretty jar on my kitchen counter, and I plug it in whenever I want the area to smell nice. It’s perfect for masking any lingering kitchen odors, and when the kitchen lights are off, the glow from the jar is just beautiful!


And like I mentioned before, this fragrant, lighted Christmas potpourri jar would make a wonderful homemade gift for just about anyone on your list!

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  1. Dee M says:

    That's so sweet, Katie. I'm glad you like it! 🙂

  2. Katie Drane says:

    This is so great! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Dee M says:

    I completely agree, especially since I always forget to put some things away after the holidays! 🙂

  4. Carol says:

    I have always liked these little potpourri jars, but have never used just pinecones before….that's a fun idea that could be used passed Christmas and all through the winter.

    Have a great week, Dee!
    Warm hugs,

  5. Dee M says:

    It smells amazing! Thanks, Leslie. 🙂

  6. Leslie says:

    I love using Christmas lights during the holidays. I love the glow they give, I bet the room smells like the holidays. It's so pretty.