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Welcome to Meatloaf and Melodrama, a blog about decorating, refurbishing, creativity, recipes and keeping the family happy – and not necessarily in that order.

We moved into our home last year, and we are in the middle of fixing the entire place up to meet the needs of our large family.  In some ways, it’s all about controlling the chaos and remaining sane!

When I was thinking up a name for this blog, one of the kids mentioned that meatloaf is the only meal that everyone in the family enjoys and will devour without protest. Even my most pickiest eater will agree. It may not be trendy, and it’s definitely not lean, but it’s homemade, and if I can escape the melodrama for one meal, I’ll gladly serve meatloaf!

Now that it’s actually cool enough to use the oven, I made meatloaf in all of its cheesy, gooey glory. Actually, my awesome teenage daughter helped with the mushing and mashing of the meat. There’s definitely a benefit to having your kids help in the kitchen! Underneath the cheese layer is store-bought barbecue sauce, which is a favorite of the Middle Child’s. The remaining ingredients are freshly ground chuck, spices and grated cheddar. Of course, there must be a side of veggies.

This time, I cut up broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potatoes and sauteed them in olive oil and butter. For a distinctive flavor, I added a touch of cinnamon, salt and pepper – and Voila!

Here is the final, delicious result – no whining, no complaints, no drama, just yum!

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