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Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to show you the newest no sew American Girl Doll outfit, and this one is all about St. Patrick’s Day. I’m also thrilled to announce that I am participating in a fun blog hop giveaway along with 12 very creative and talented bloggers! If you love AG dolls, you’ll definitely want to try your luck with this one! 

American girl doll no sew sock clothes

Isn’t this cute? I started out with a men’s dress sock, a plain white shirt and some green rhinestones. The skirt is made from the leg, and I made a cut just above the foot area. You can take a peek at the Christmas outfit my daughter and I made to get a better idea of how we did this. It’s hard to believe that this outfit started out looking like this!

sock, shirt and bling

After I cut the sock, I added the rhinestones to the shirt. I used larger ones at the bottom of the shirt, and I added a single row of small ones around the neckline. I’ve seem similar shirts in various stores, and you could probably have matching outfits for a little girl and her doll! My little Diva made a shamrock headband and a green bracelet out of loom bands to complete the outfit.

no sew doll clothes, rainbow loom bands

The headband has three shamrocks in the center, and the band is made from green, white and gold bands–the colors of the Irish flag!

Ag doll rainbow loom headband shamrocks

Your doll can also wear this headband, which has green rhinestones in the center. So, after your doll celebrates St. Patrick’s Day, she can wear this headband any time.

no sew doll clothes rhinestones

The skirt can be turned up if your doll wants a skirt that rests just below her knees. If your doll prefers maxi skirts, she can unroll the hem, and it will rest just above her ankles. It’s entirely up to her!

new sew doll clothes, sock, rainbow loom

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway, and if you know any other American Girl doll fans out there, let them know about it too! You will also be able to visit the other participating bloggers and see what fun things they have been working on!

Have a wonderful week!

Dee šŸ™‚

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