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Hi Everyone!

There are so many fantastic Advent calendars and Christmas countdown projects out there, but when I asked the kids what they wanted, they voted for the simple chain we do every year–hooray!!! After all,  that’s one less project for me to worry about. But when it came time to buy construction paper, nobody wanted the job of cutting the paper into strips–typical around here! Luckily, I found this pre-packaged craft at Michael’s for over half off, and we decided to use these pre-made strips for the chain. If there’s an easy way to do things, I’m there!

Christmas paper chain

The pre-made strips of paper were the perfect size for the project, and I love the cute patterns. I let the kids take charge of making the paper chain, but of course, I served as the technical consultant!

craft paper chain

We began by simply folding the paper into a link, and then we used the sticky tape that came with the package to seal the link. We ended up using some regular tape to make the links more secure.

Christmas craft paper chain links

   Once the first link was done, we kept adding links to form a long chain.

Christmas Countdown chain

Once the chain was complete, we used more strips of paper to make a Christmas tree for the top of the chain. We just lined up the paper strips and cut them at an angle to form a tree. The kids felt we needed a background, so my Diva girl taped the tree to a piece of construction paper and wrote Christmas Countown on the paper. I love how the paper became crumpled during the process–apparently there was a disagreement on who would get to write the title!

Christmas Countdown paper chain

I’ve had this sign for a couple of years, and I love it! The colors matched the chain, so we used this to hang the countdown. I made a bow from the same paper we used to make the paper chain and tree.

Christmas better not pout sign

And here we have the final project. Isn’t it cute? Best of all, it was cheap, easy and a fun Christmas craft project for the kids to do. Now, they just have to remember to take turns cutting the chain links off!

easy Christmas countdown chain

easy Christmas countdown chain craft

Thanks so much for visiting me and viewing our latest project. Have a terrific day! 

Dee šŸ™‚

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