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Hi Everyone!

I just finished hosting a fun luau-themed swim party for my daughter, and as I’m sitting here recuperating, I thought I would show you the cute flower cupcakes we served the guests.

chocolate cupcakes with pink and yellow frosting and fondant flowers

I have to admit that it would have been so much easier to buy cupcakes, but my little Diva wanted fondant flowers, and those aren’t so easy to find. Besides, I love baking treats for the kids, and they love to help, so it really isn’t a lot of trouble. Plus, I took some shortcuts, which really made these flower cupcakes easy to make!

I used a boxed cake mix — horrors! — and some store-bought frosting — double horrors! I’m all for baking from scratch, but after a day of party planning, running errands and chauffeuring the teens around town, I needed to save time. 

We had already spent a considerable amount of time trying to decide what type of cupcakes to make. My oldest suggested making a beach scene, and after perusing Pinterest, I was partial to making sunflower cupcakes. But, after the Diva reminded us that it was her party, we caved and let her have her way!  

chocolate cupcakes with pink and orange frosting and yellow fondant flowers

I used gel coloring to tint the frosting, and we made half bright pink and the other half a kind of a tangerine color. I bought colored fondant, and we used a small cookie cutter to cut flower shapes out of yellow fondant. Then, we used mini chocolate chips dipped in some frosting to make the center of the flowers.

chocolate cupcakes with fondant flowers

Easy peasy! My daughter was happy, and I was happy that I saved a ton of money by making these myself! Besides, the kids scarfed the cupcakes down so fast that I don’t even think they noticed the design. They were hungry from swimming all afternoon, and it was all about the food!

Thanks for visiting with me today!

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