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Hi Everyone,

I’ve been getting out my spring decorations, and I thought I would share some pictures of the vintage Franciscan ware that used to be my grandmother’s. Now, I don’t really collect plates, other than a few I’ve bought to display because I liked how they looked, so I didn’t know much about this set. I vaguely remember my grandmother using this set at Thanksgiving, but it has been hiding at my parents’ home for a long time.

vintage desert rose plates set

I did some research about Franciscan ware, and from what I can tell, this was probably manufactured during the 1940s, according to the style of the stamp. The stamp says it was made in California, and it looks like the decorator added marks above the stamp. I’ve seen the newer sets, which are all made in China now, and they just don’t compare to the original — in my opinion, anyway. 

vintage desert rose plates stamp

Here, we  have a large serving bowl, and this is one of the few pieces that is in relatively good shape. Sadly, most of the plates and little bowls have large chips around the edges and can’t be used. However, they look beautiful on display!
vintage desert rose plates

I don’t really like pastels, and I only use them around Easter, but I absolutely love these plates. I love that these once belonged to my grandmother, and I love this light shade of pink. I also love that this pattern is called Desert Rose! 

vintage desert rose plates

The small plates are all in different shades of pink. The one in the middle is really faded, and I suppose it’s possible that these were purchased at different times. If you look at the middle plate you can see the big chips. The one on the far right is the same way.

vintage desert rose plates

I believe this is a sugar bowl, and I love how the vine wraps around the sides of the bowl.

vintage desert rose plates

I added some dishes to a plate rack and the china cabinet, and I’m thinking of using the smaller saucers on the mantel. I’m still trying to decide if that will work with my rambunctious kiddos! Anyway, I am just happy to have these links to the past.

If you happen to collect vintage plates or know anything more about Franciscan ware, I would love to hear all about it. If I had more time, I would definitely do more research! Have a wonderful day!

Dee šŸ™‚

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