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Hi There!
I have another DIY American Girl Doll item to show you today! After I turned an ordinary side table into a girly nightstand for my daughter’s room, she said that her American Girl Doll wanted a nightstand of her own to go with her new bed. So, Hubby dug through our scrap wood stash and made a cute AG Doll nightstand.

ag pink and white wood doll nightstand with books

It’s funny how the doll furniture is starting to multiply. But, these pieces are easy to make, and once you get started, you want to make more furniture. And, making your own doll furniture is so much cheaper than buying it! The top and sides are made from leftover wood fencing, and the bottom shelf is particle board. We used wood glue to attach the pieces together.

unpainted wooden doll nightstand

After the glue dried, my daughter and I took turns painting the nightstand. Actually, she did a lot of the work herself, and I think she did a great job! My little Diva wanted the top and bottom shelf to be white and the rest to be a very light shade of pink.

pink and white ag doll wood nightstand

Here’s how the nightstand looks next to the doll bed. You can see that it’s already filled with odds and ends–just like my daughter’s!

pink and white American Girl doll bed and nightstand with diva pillow

The pink is so light that you can’t see it very well, but this is what my little Diva requested. Since it’s hers, I let her pick the colors.

pink and white doll nightstand made from wood with books

I think the doll nightstand is really cute — don’t you?! And, since you can easily make your own doll furniture, you can save a lot of money on accessories for your favorite American Girl Doll. I also think Hubby really loves his new hobby — he really enjoys making doll furniture!

Have a wonderful day!

Dee šŸ™‚

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