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Over the weekend, the little Diva and I made some cute tote bags for her American Girl Dolls. You know, a girl can’t have too many bags, and because it’s almost summer, we thought the dolls would like to have some cute totes to carry all of their summer essentials around.

decorated tote bags for american girl dolls

I bought a pack of small tote bags from Michael’s. These plain canvas bags are small enough to fit any 18-inch doll, and they can be decorated any way you want. Every girl likes polka dots, so we decided to stamp some bright neon-colored dots on one of the bags, using a wine cork for the stamp.

stamp paint on tote bag with wine cork

The next one is a ballet bag for Alexa, who needed a personalized tote bag to carry her shoes to dance class. I found a cute iron-on applique in the shape of ballet slippers, and I placed this in the center of the bag. Then, I added Alexa’s name, and we used a pink paint pen to add the hearts.

doll dance bag with applique ballet slippers and hearts

Now, she has a cute bag to hold her dance shoes, and she’s the envy of all of the other dolls at ther dance studio! We made the ballet barre a couple of months ago, and the dolls are really enjoying it!

ballerina doll with ballet barre and ballet tote bag

I also used some cute flower appliques to embellish the last tote bag, which goes with this new summer outfit. I made the tube top from an athletic sock, and I added matching flowers to the top and the capris. I’ll show you how I made the top in another post, so stay tuned. 

american girl doll with flower tote bag and matching summer outfit

There’s a slight retro vibe here, don’t you think? A lot of flower power going on! 

decorated tote bags for 18-inch dolls

So, which one is your favorite? These were so much fun to make that I’ll probably make more. I know the other dolls in Alexa’s dance class would all love to have their own!

Thanks for viewing my latest craft project — I really appreciate your visits! Have an awesome day!

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