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Make a No-Sew Halter Top Out of a Sock

Hi Everyone!

School just ended, and it’s been crazy-busy around here! If you are a regular follower of my blog (and I would love for you to be) you might see my posts being published at random times for a little while. This is my first summer blogging, and I don’t know how the schedule will work out just yet!

Anyway, when I showed you the tote bags we made for my daughter’s American Girl Doll, I promised I would show you how I made the halter top that one of the dolls was wearing. On that particular top, the ties are sewn into the sock–gasp! I actually can sew a little bit, but I just don’t like it, and since that outfit was donated for a giveaway, I wanted to make sure the ties were firmly attached. However, I also made a no-sew American Girl Doll halter top for my daughter to keep!

no sew doll halter top made from a yellow sock

What I like most about no-sew doll outfits is that anyone can make them, so if you don’t sew, you can still create some cute outfits for your favorite AG Doll or any 18-inch doll. To make this outfit, you’ll need:

  • 1 large, stretchy sock — I used an athletic sock for this one
  • ribbon to match 
  • 1 puffy sticker
  • hot glue

yellow sock, yellow ribbon and puffy orange heart sticker

Cut a piece from the leg portion of sock. If you want to see how the sock can be cut, you can check out the no-sew Christmas outfit we made. I used the very top of the sock for the other halter, and this one is made from the middle. The pieces should be big enough to fit right under the doll’s arms and extend to top of her hips. 

To hide the cut edge, I folded the top part of halter over. Then, I cut two long pieces of of ribbon for the ties. Make sure these are long enough to tie around the doll’s neck. I used hot glue to attach the ribbon to the inside of the top.

hot glue yellow ribbon to inside of sock top

When I made the other halter top, the stitches were visible on the outside of the halter, so I covered them up with an iron-on flower patch. I still wanted some sort of embellishment for this top, so I glued a puffy leopard-print heart sticker to the front of the top. I love how all the colors go together!

puffy leopard print heart sticker on yellow sock top

Now the halter top is finished — isn’t that easy?! It only took about 15 minutes to complete.

You can fold the bottom of the top under, and you won’t be able to see the cut edge. And now, your doll has a new no-sew halter top!

I love how bright and cheery the outfit is — orange and gold are perfect summer colors!

So, the next time you find athletic socks on sale, stock up, and you’ll have plenty of material for making no-sew doll clothes. If your kids play sports, you can also save their socks, as long as they’re in decent condition! This is what we did for the very first sock outfit we made. 

Thanks so much for visiting — have a wonderful day!

Dee šŸ™‚

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  1. Ashlyn says:

    U can make this out of a bandana.