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Hi Everyone!

My little helper and I are having a blast creating no-sew clothes for her American Girl Doll. This outfit really wasn’t planned, but it was inspired by a recent trip to Home Depot. This is for all the DIYers out there!

no sew american girl doll clothes, paint

We were shopping for paint for a project I’ve been working on, and my daughter spied this mini paint roller and plastic tray. Isn’t this cute? It’s supposed to be for touch-ups but my daughter thought that it would be the perfect size for her American Girl Doll. Apparently, Miss Megan has been wanting to get started on some home improvement projects, but she didn’t have the right supplies! 

doll paint tray

We bought the mini paint set, and then we decided to make a no-sew apron. After all, Miss Megan can’t wear one of her chic sock outfits when she’s painting. We took an old canvas tote bag and cut it into the shape of an apron.

no sew doll apron

I cut one of the handles in half, but I left it attached to the bag. This part goes around the neck. I cut the other handle off, and this is used to tie the apron around the waist. 

no sew doll apron

We decorated the front of the apron with a red Sharpie and a red foam heart sticker–you know, I need an apron like this! We also cut a red bandana to fit her head and tied it around her hair. Of course, she has to keep her cute little pearl earrings!

no sew doll apronl

My little Diva chose some bright pink craft paint, and we added a little bit to the plastic paint tray. I cut up an old sheet that I use for my projects, and we added some paint splatters in several spots. 

doll paint tray

We also added paint to the apron. This girl is a messy painter! I also added a miniature crate to complete the little scene. Isn’t she cute?!

DIY no sew doll apron and paint

I wish I looked this cute when I’m in the middle of a paint project. Isn’t it amazing what you can find when you’re not really looking? 

Are you working on anything new?

Thanks for taking the time to read about another one of our no-sew doll outfits. Even if you don’t sew, you can still create some cute clothes for your doll–it just takes a little imagination! Have a great day!

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