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Hi Friends!

Did you all have a nice weekend? Things are incredibly busy over here, and it seems like the weekends rush by in one big blur. C’est la vie, I suppose. Anyway, even though it’s still November, the kids are already eagerly anticipating Christmas, so I thought it would be fun to make our own Christmas Countdown Calender out of wood blocks. This is a very simple craft, and the kids helped with the painting, so it was a fun family project too.

red and green wood blocks with days until christmas and chalkboard paint

We usually buy an Advent calendar easy year, and we already have two other countdown calendars, but with five kids and two parents, you can never have too many. Actually, you can have as many as you want, no matter how many members are in the family. That’s just part of the fun. And really, this cuts down on the arguments about whose turn it is to change the calendar.

Anyway, for this project, you’ll need:

  • 4 wood blocks
  • Red and green paint
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paint pens
  • Embellishments for decoration

I happen to have a stash of blocks that were cut from a 2X4, and I chose four different sizes. We painted two of the blocks red.

paint wood block red

And, we painted two of the blocks green.

paint wood block green

Then, we gave one of the red blocks several coats of chalkboard paint. I thought it would be fun for the kids to write the numbers instead of just changing them.

paint red block with chalkboard paint

To make them slightly more rustic, I sanded the blocks lightly around the edges. Then, I used a paint pen to write the words on the blocks. I love using paint pens because I think it’s easier to control the lettering, and I like the way the paint looks like chalk. After the paint was dry, I gave them all a light sanding around the edges and added some small wooden stars.

25 days until christmasr on painted wood blocks

When they’re stacked on top of one another, I think the effect is like a Christmas tree. Don’t you think so?

christmas countdown calendar made from 2x4 wood blocks

I’m hoping to start the countdown on December first, so I wrote the number 25 at the top, but I think the kiddos are going to change that as as soon as they come home from school. They can’t wait! 

How many Christmas calendars do you have?

Thanks for stopping by for a peek at our latest little project. Have a great day!

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  1. Kristen Campbell says:

    VERY cute!!! Thank you so much for sharing at the (extra-long) #homematters linky party! A brand new party starts TOMORROW! We hope to see you then! šŸ™‚

  2. Dee M says:

    That's a great idea! My kids would count down to any holiday, especially when treats are involved! šŸ™‚

  3. Crochet Hooks says:

    super cute idea Dee! hey you could change the colors a bit and count down for any of the great holidays like Easter and Halloween! šŸ™‚

  4. Dee M says:

    Thanks so much, Darielle. My kids had a lot of fun making them. šŸ™‚

  5. Darrielle Tennenbaum says:

    Great craft idea-my daughter would love to do this!

  6. Dee M says:

    Thanks, Leslie. We can't wait to start using it. šŸ™‚

  7. Leslie Stewart says:

    Fun craft! Kids would definitely love it!
    Have a great week,
    House on the Way