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Good Morning!

After an incredibly busy weekend, I finally completed a cute little side table redo for my little boy’s room. I’m very happy with the way this project turned out, and most importantly, so is the Boss! We picked this little gem up at Goodwill for under $5, and at the time, I wasn’t sure where it going or how I was going to redo the table. I finally learned to pounce on great buys and worry about the details later. Anyway, this little table was the perfect size for a much-needed side table in the little man’s room, but it need a lot of work!

My little boy’s room is all about airplanes, rockets and Legos. When he’s not re-enacting a scene from Lego Star Wars, he’s playing with his airplane collection. Thanks to his grandfather, who is retired from the Air Force, the little man already knows a lot about planes from every era. So, I thought it would be appropriate to paint the table blue and add the old Air Force logo on the top. The little man, however, had other ideas. He requested an American flag table, and since it is going in his room, we went with this theme. The first step was to spray paint the entire table blue.

After letting it dry and air out for a few days, I began to work on adding the flag’s stripes. I was going to use painter’s tape, but it started pulling up some of the spray paint. I have no idea why, but then, it was on to plan B. I just marked off the blue square and stripes with a ruler and pencil. You can see where some of the paint came off, but since it was going to get more paint, this wasn’t a big deal.

I painted the stripes by hand, which wasn’t fun–keeping the lines straight when you’re working with red and white paint is hard. If I ever do another flag, I’m definitely shopping for better-quality painter’s tape! And the Boss kept nagging me to no end–why was it taking so long to finish his table?! 

painting table top, flag art

Anyway, after the stripes were done, I decided to use a stencil to add the stars. The Boss thought a Colonial flag would be a nice idea, but I wasn’t looking forward to adding a circle of 13 stars and trying to make it even. After I convinced him that a more modern flag would fit better with his airplane room–and go a long way towards saving Mom’s sanity–I used the stencil as my guide, and it went smoothly!

table painting, stencil stars

After the table was done, I realized that the flag design was almost a perfect match for the flag pillow on my little boy’s bed!

flag table, painting table top

Isn’t that a great match? This little trash-to-treasure table makes a perfect addition to a little boy’s room.

painted American flag on thrift store table

And, most of all, the little man is happy with it! Now, if I could only keep it clean for a few minutes, I would show you the entire room.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing the latest furniture redo. Have a wonderful day!

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