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Ever since I turned a beat-up thrift store table into a cute patriotic flag table for my little guy, my little Diva has been bugging me to redo a table for her room. So, I kept an eye out for a similar table whenever I went to the thrift store or a yard sale, but I could never find the right kind of table. 

Last week, Hubby and I found two side tables — and some other goodies — for under $14, and I was so excited — until we got home and realized they were too big for any of the kids’ rooms. But, I thought that one of the tables would work in the family room, and when I brought it into the room to rearrange some of the furniture, I took a second look at a little table that we’ve had for some time and realized that it would be perfect as a nightstand! 

DIY pink and white laminate side table painted with chalk paint in a pink girl's room

This is how the table originally looked. It was a plain brown laminate, but I actually liked it because it had a kind of retro feel, and the little drawer was nice for holding note pads and other odds and ends. It was a little banged up, and there was a paint stain on one of the legs, so it was the perfect candidate for a table redo.

brown laminate side table

I decided to paint the side table with homemade chalk paint, which I made with unsanded grout, because I wanted to skip the sanding and priming that you usually have to do when you paint laminate furniture. And, I didn’t want to use spray paint on this table. But, after the first coat, the little Diva decided she wanted more of a glossy texture, and I had to please my picky client. So, I used the same white latex paint for the second coat, but this time, I left out the unsanded grout. 

My daughter has a very diva-like pink room, and she was adamant that the table should be completely white and that the drawer pull should be pink. After spray painting the hardware with a primer, I painted it with the same pink latex paint that we used for my daughter’s room. I also mixed in a touch of gold craft paint, just to give the hardware a little shine.

paint hardware pink
Here’s how the table looks now! My daughter did not want me to distress it at all, but when I was sanding down some of the bumps, she actually liked the look, so there are some distressed areas on the edges — just enough to give it a little bit more character. 

pink and white laminate side table painted with white latex chalk paint
I thought maybe the table could use a little more pink, but after we got it situated in my daughter’s room, I’m glad I left it alone. As you can see, there’s plenty of pink there already!

pink and white side table in girl's room

Isn’t this a cute little table? It’s perfect for a bedside table because there’s plenty of room to hold my daughter’s stuffed animals and books, and she can keep little treasures in the drawer.

I guess it pays to shop your own home first, before heading to the store!

Thanks for stopping by — have a great day!

Dee šŸ™‚

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