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Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having a bootiful day! After creating a blinged-out diva display, which my little Diva loved, I had to create a traditional, more haunted Halloween display for the rest of the non-divas in the house. I was able to work with a couple of Dollar Store items, and the rest was already on hand–love it when that happens!

The ghost trio and tree are from Kirkland’s, and Mr. Spider has been around forever. Now that he has a home, he has not been found in anyone’s bed! The web and the ghostly picture are from the Dollar Store, and I used a stack of appropriately titled books to give one of the dancing ghosts more height.
I used a black cloth (more about that later) to cover the red cabinet. Are you ready for some close-ups?

I painted the white spider blue right after I completed the pink diva spider from the diva display. Gotta make the boys happy! I love the happy ghosts!

This is the other ghost by the ghostly figure in the frame. I was going to use a regular frame for this, but it fit perfectly in a small plate holder that I had on hand.

From this angle, you can see the regular face–not bad for a Dollar Store decoration! I also hung some ghostly glitter from the little tree and scattered extra glitter over the black cloth. Here is the entire cabinet.

I just added some more “creepy” books and items that I already had. Mr. Bones is standing guard to make sure the fur boys stay away. One of them was caught stealing a leaf from another display I have! Now, for a little confession: The black cloth is actually a cape from an old Darth Vader costume! It has a tear, and so far, my little Jedi hasn’t noticed. Shhhh! Let’s keep this a secret! Here are a couple of inside shots.

I couldn’t resist giving this happy pumpkin a mustache!

One of the kids made this ghost in school. I’ve had the Georgie book since I was small, I think, and all of us love it. In fact, it has been “rescued” from the cabinet so the kids and I can keep reading it. It’s totally falling apart, but that’s a sign of a well-loved book! Here is one last view of the top.

Isn’t it bootiful? I love frugal decorating, and I think these happy ghosts do too! Thanks so much for visiting me today!

Dee šŸ™‚

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