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Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage is tender, flavorful and easy to make in the pressure cooker. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day dinner or anytime.

instant pot corned beef and cabbage with carrots and red potatoes on platter

Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage is fork tender, amazingly delicious and so easy to make in the pressure cooker. Throw in some potatoes and carrots for a complete one pot dinner you can enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day or anytime you’re craving comfort food!

My grandma always made traditional corned beef and cabbage on the stove for our for Saint Patrick’s Day dinner. It took several hours, but it was always perfect. When I got my Instant Pot last year, I converted her corned beef recipe to a delicious Instant Pot recipe, and it was done in only 2 hours!

The best thing about Instant Pot recipes, especially roast recipes, is that they cook so much faster than on the stove or in the slow cooker. I can make a delicious pot roast, Italian beef,  Mississippi roast or pulled pork roast in no time. And, this corned beef roast is no exception!

How to make corned beef and cabbage in the Instant Pot

For this recipe, I used a flat cut of corned beef since that’s what our local grocery store had available. Oh — I have used both my 8 quart Instant Pot and the 6 quart, so this Instant Pot corned beef recipe will work for either one.

Do you rinse corned beef before cooking?

My grandma always patted the corned beef dry with a paper towel, so that’s what I did. Basically, you want to remove some of the brine, since it’s very salty. You can rinse your beef if you prefer.

I place a cut-up onion on the bottom of the pot and place the beef over the onions. There’s no need to use a trivet for this part.

corned beef flat cut brisket in instant pot with onions

I used dark brown beer for the cooking liquid, along with some water. You can use Guinness or any beer, really. Once, I used Dos Equis — talk about fusion!

You want to partially cover the brisket, but there’s no need to fully cover it. If you don’t want to use beer, you can use beef broth or all water. Then, I spread some Dijon mustard over the beef, sprinkled the seasoning over it, and it was ready to cook!

flat cut corned beef brisket with mustard and spices in instant pot pressure cooker

How long do you cook corned beef in the Instant Pot?

For a smaller cut like I had, you only need to cook it for 75 minutes. This gives you fork-tender beef that’s easy to slice. If you have a thicker, larger cut of corned beef, or if you want to shred it, you can cook it for 90 minutes.

cabbage wedges and carrots in instant pot

Once the beef is done cooking, you can remove it to a platter, cover it, and cook your cabbage, potatoes and carrots. You’ll need your trivet or a steamer basket for this. Place the potatoes on the bottom, then layer the carrots and cabbage on top.

I also like to remove some of the cooking liquid so that the vegetables on the bottom aren’t covered in liquid. Just keep enough liquid for cooking.

instant pot corned beef and cabbage flat cut with potatoes and carrots on platter

Once the veggies are done, carefully remove them from the pot, and add them to the platter with the corned beef. You can spoon some of the cooking liquid over the meat if you want. If you have any leftover corned beef, try this Easy Baked Reuben Casserole for dinner!

instant pot corned beef and cabbage with carrots and red potatoes on white platter

Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe

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Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage

By: Dee
Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage is tender, flavorful and easy to make in the pressure cooker. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day dinner anytime you're craving comfort food!
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour 18 minutes
pressure time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 48 minutes
Servings: 7


  • 1 yellow onion quartered
  • 2 pounds corned beef flat cut
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 12 ounces dark beer
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 small cabbage quartered
  • 6 small red potatoes halved
  • 5 carrots cut into large chunks
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  • Rinse or pat the meat with a paper towel to remove some of the brine
  • Add the onion to the pot, and place the corned beef on top
  • Spread mustard over the beef, then sprinkle the seasoning packet over the beef and into the pot
  • Pour the beer into the pot, and add water
  • Cover, and turn valve to Sealing position, and hit PRESSURE COOK for 75 minutes (115)
  • Pot will take a few minutes to reach pressure then begin counting down and cook. Allow a 15 minute release, then turn valve to Venting to quick release remaining pressure
  • When pin drops, carefully open lid, and remove beef to a large platter. Cover with foil
  • Remove some of the cooking liquid, leaving at least 1 cup for the 6 quart or 2 cups for the 8. Place the trivet or steamer basket into the pot, and add potatoes, carrots and cabbage
  • Add lid, turn valve to sealing, and hit PRESSURE COOK for 4 minutes
  • When cook time is up, do a quick release. When pin drops, remove lid and carefully remove vegetables. Arrange on a platter with the corned beef, and serve


Recipe was tested in both 6 and 8 quart Instant Pot electric pressure cookers.
If using a much larger cut of beef, cook for 90 minutes.


Calories: 430kcal, Carbohydrates: 36g, Protein: 23g, Fat: 19g, Saturated Fat: 6g, Cholesterol: 69mg, Sodium: 1680mg, Potassium: 1396mg, Fiber: 6g, Sugar: 7g, Vitamin A: 7390IU, Vitamin C: 88.6mg, Calcium: 84mg, Iron: 3.9mg

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

Additional Info

Course: Main
Cuisine: European American
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Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe

I hope you enjoy this easy Instant Pot corned beef and cabbage recipe as much as we do!

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  1. Gery says:

    What exactly is this “the seasoning packet” mentioned several times? Seem like pretty important information to leave out. Can someone share? Thanks.

    1. Dee says:

      Nothing is left out. If you have purchased packaged corned beef before, you may have noticed it usually comes with a seasoning packet inside. If you have never made corned beef before, this is what is mentioned in the recipe.

  2. Jacque Wesolek says:

    I want to try this tonight but my brisket is almost 4 lbs. I tried to click on the 2x button to get the updated ingredient list but it won’t change anything. Does every ingredient double or just the meat? I know you said if the meat is larger cook longer. I just don’t know if it needs double the liquid and stuff. Thanks.5 stars

    1. Dee says:

      Keep the amount of liquid and veggies the same. We cooked corned beef that was almost about 3 1/2 pounds this year for 75 minutes, and it was great. It really depends on how thick the brisket is. You can always add more time if it’s not done to your liking. Or you can cook it for 90 minutes, and it should be fine.