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Decorate plain flip flops with Rainbow Loom bows

Hi Everyone,

Now that school is out for summer, my kids have a lot more time to be creative. My little Diva is especially busy whipping up fun crafts with her Rainbow Loom. Oh, and now that the new Monster Tail Loom is out, guess what’s at the top of her wish list?!

Anyway, she has a favorite pair of flip flops, which are bright pink, but very plain and perfect for wearing around the pool. But, even plain flip flops can use some embellishment, so we came up with some cute rainbow loom bows to give these plain shoes some much needed style.

bows made from green and pink Rainbow Loom bands on flip flops

This is a super easy craft, and if your kiddos love making loom band projects, they should have no problem making the bow. For the project, you will need:

  • Rainbow Loom or another loom brand
  • Loom bands in your choice of colors
  • Flip Flops
  • Loom clips
  • Waterproof glue

We used neon green and pink loom bands because we thought this combination would look great with the bright pink flip flops.

green loom bands and pink loom bands and green rainbow loom bow

After the bows were finished, we threaded a pink band on each side of the clear hook, wound the band around the center of the flip flop’s strap and then attached the bow’s center band to the clear clip.

attach loom band bow on flip flop

The bows were a little wobbly, so I used some E6000 to anchor the bow to the strap. I use this stuff to embellish my daugher’s dance costumes — it’s super smelly, but it works! And voila — you have a pretty loom band bow for your flip flops!

pink flip flops with rainbow loom bows by the pool

Best of all, these bows are waterproof, so you can wear them around the pool and not worry about them getting wet. I also like the fact that my daughter can easily spot her shoes — this comes in handy when she’s around her friends or in a public place.

Now, I’ll have to get her to make some loom band bows for my flip flops! Thanks so much for stopping by to see our latest craft! Have a great day!

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