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The temps are still hovering around 100 degrees here, but there is the tiniest hint of fall in the air, and that is enough cause for a celebration! To take advantage of the “cooler” weather and encourage these lower temps to stay, I decided to make a sunflower and burlap wreath. I absolutely adore sunflowers, and this was easy and quick to put together. I got all of the supplies at Michael’s, and of course, I used a coupon, so this was a cheap project, as well.

I used a small roll of burlap, a medium-sized grapevine wreath and a bunch of sunflowers, which I deconstructed — a nice way to relieve stress too! LOL.

I wrapped the burlap loosely around the wreath and tied a very unprofessional-looking bow at the bottom. Then, I just used hot glue to attach a few sunflowers and leaves around the wreath–easy peasy.

Of course, I finished this at night, so I took the picture inside. It’s not the fanciest or craftiest wreath on the planet, but I like it, and it’ll do, for now!

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