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Hi friends! I think I’ve told you how much I love shopping at the Dollar Store, right? Well sometimes it’s  hit or miss, but the other day, my little Diva and I stopped in for a quick run and hit the jackpot. I love it when that happens! We found a bunch of goodies, including several items for spring crafting. 

Since Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week are just around the corner, I was on the lookout for gift ideas, so when I found some little terra cotta pots, I knew the kids would have fun with them. All it took was some washi tape, paint and fingerprints to make these cute decorated mini flower pots.

mini terra cotta pots painted and decorated with washi tape and fkids ingerprints

As a mom, I just love homemade gifts from the kids, especially when they use their handprints and fingerprints. We all know that those little hands grow quickly, so it’s nice to have these special keepsakes. And best of all, handmade gifts are perfect for even the tightest budgets!

Here are the supplies we used

  • Craft paint
  • Mini terra cotta flower pots
  • Washi tape
  • Pool noodle
  • Faux flowers

Yes, a pool noodle sounds odd, and it’s not pictured here because it was a spur of the moment thing, but in this case, it was the perfect fit!

    craft paint and washi tape and mini terra cotta flower pots

    I let the kids choose the paint colors and the washi tape. We already had some tape at home, but we were also lucky enough to find some at the Dollar Store too — who knew?

    My daughter chose a pale blue color for one of the pots, and she used her fingertips to make little pink hearts over the blue.

    painted flower pots with fingerprint hearts

    At first, I was going to use live plants or even succulents in the pots, but not everyone has a green thumb, especially moi, so I chose faux flowers instead. You could easily fill the pots with plants later.

    To anchor the flowers, I cut up a pool noodle, which I was using for another craft anyway, and stuffed the pieces into the flower pots. You can think of this as faux grass, if you will.

    use pool noodle inside mini flower pots

    Then, I used wire cutters to snip the flowers off, and I just inserted the stems into the centers of the pool noodles.

    girl holding decorated flower pot with hearts and flower

    The kids decorated the other pot with strips of washi tape, and on the last pot, they made fingerprint dots in different colors. Even the youngest kiddos could do this one!

    painted flower pots with fingerprints hearts and polka dots and washi tape

    This is a total mommy brag, but I think these are just adorable. So not only do these decorated mini flower pots make wonderful keepsakes, but they are also very budget friendly. And what mom or grandma wouldn’t appreciate fingerprint art?

    Thanks so much for visiting!

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    1. Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas says:

      So sweet!! And a great project!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!


    2. Nicole says:

      Those are so cute! Those little fingerprints are so precious!

    3. Linda@MixedKreations says:

      Adorable little pots. Love the bright springy colors. Very clever little girl using her finger to make those perfect little hearts.