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Hi Everyone,

I know you’ve probably all seen those cute signs with the phrases, I love you more and I love you most on them. I know they seem to be everywhere, and there are a lot of different variations. My little Diva and I have been saying these words to each other as part of her bedtime routine for a few years now, and right before I started blogging, I found a sign that I thought would be perfect for her room, but of course, it was a tad pricey. 

I remember telling Hubby that I could probably make the same thing for free, and when he challenged me to do just that, I took him up on the challenge. I found two wall signs that were just hanging out in our spare closet and decided to give them a makeover. I love to repurpose paintings and signs because for one thing, very little work is involved–the hooks are already attached, and no additional cutting is needed.

My daughter wanted this to be a project for both of us, so I let her help paint over the original words with black craft paint. 

DIY I love you more sign

I thought about using a stencil to add the lettering, but we both agreed that it would be more personal to write the words on the signs. I used a pink paint marker to write “Love You More” on one sign.

DIY love  you more sign

I went over the letters again to make the words darker, and on the other sign, I wrote, “Love You Most.” 
DIY love you most sign

We both thought that the signs needed some extra bling, so I went to Michael’s and purchased some little heart stickers that were various shades of pink. The Diva decided where she wanted the stickers, and we took turns adding them to the signs. 

I debated about painting the frames white, but for some reason, I felt the black frames worked better. The room is pink, and it just looks better this way. What do you think?

DIY love you more, love you most signs

The pink hearts sparkle, and the effect is really pretty. Although this wasn’t made for Valentine’s Day, it’s all about love. It was also a fun project to do together, and it comes straight from the heart!

So the next time you need a new sign in your home, see if you already have some old ones that aren’t working for you any more. Making your own signs will save money, and you can customize them any way you want.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing the latest project. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them! Have a wonderful day!

Dee šŸ™‚

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