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Hello All,

Are you ready for spring yet? I know I am! Not only am I thinking about some spring crafts, but I am also in the middle of working on some DIY projects for the house. One of the projects I really wanted to do was to make a trophy shelf for my daughter’s dance awards and trophies. And now, it’s finally done! One of my daughters has been dancing almost since she could walk, and she is just starting to get involved with various dance competitions. So, I guess that makes me a dance mom–but in a really good way! 

dance trophy shelf made from dowels and ready made shelves

She needed something to hold her ribbons and trophies, but I couldn’t find anything that really fit her needs. The awards vary with each competition, and depending on which one you attend, you may bring home a ribbons, medals, plaques or trophies. Sometimes, you get more than one type of award! So, while a shelf would be fine for plaques sand trophies, it wouldn’t really hold the individual ribbons and medals. After browsing the aisles of Home Depot, I finally found an easy and cheap solution.

I bought two fancy brackets and a plain white shelf. After looking at the brackets, I thought that I could easily add a wooden dowel that would slide into the openings in the brackets, and this would be perfect for holding ribbons and medals. 

shelves, wooden dowel

I ended up buying two long wooden dowels and cutting them to fit the brackets. Then, I painted the dowels with white craft paint. Here are the brackets, already on the wall. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of them before, and you get really weird lighting in a room that is all pink! But, you can see how they have openings on the sides.

metal wall brackets

I placed the shelf on top of the brackets, and then, my daughter and I slid the ribbons on one dowel and pushed the dowel through the bracket. We added the medals to the other dowel and threaded that one through the middle opening. This way, you can see the ribbons and the medals better because they aren’t all on top of each other. The big, huge trophies went on the top! Can you tell I’m a proud mom?

I found the dance sign at Michael’s, and my daughter painted it bright pink, of course! I like this arrangement because we can easily add more items to the top and bottom. We can also add more shelves at different levels around the wall. This would also be great for a boy’s room too!

Do you have kids or grand kids that compete in activities? Any other dance moms out there? If so, I would love to hear how you arrange all of the awards!

Thanks for visiting and viewing the latest DIY project in our home–and for letting me brag just a little bit!  Have a terrific week!

Dee šŸ™‚  

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