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Hi friends! I know May fourth isn’t an official holiday or anything, but my family absolutely loves the Star Wars saga, so we couldn’t let the day go by without a little fun.  We’re just slightly nerdy like that. Since school is almost over, I’m already planning summer activities for the kiddos, so I bought some pool noodles from the Dollar Store, and we made these easy pool noodle lightsabers. My younglings had a blast!

green and orange lightsabers made from pool noodles

I know this idea has been around for a little while, but as usual, we finally got around to trying it out. Not only are these lightsabers easy to make, but they’re also super cheap. And best of all, they keep the kids active and away from electronics — temporarily, at least.

My kids loved working on these, so if you have a Star Wars party planned, these pool noodle lightsabers would make a fun activity that the guests could also take home.

Supplies Needed for the Lightsabers

  • Pool noodles
  • Duck tape
  • Sharpie markers or permanent markers
  • Knife or scissors for cutting

Making the lightsabers was easy, and the longest part was getting the details correct on the handles. First, bend the pool noodle in the middle, and cut through the crease.

bend pool noodle and cut in half
Next, wrap the Duck Tape around the cut ends. We covered the ends first by using vertical strips of tape. Then, we wrapped the tape horizontally around the noodle at least three times.

use silver duck tape to make handle of lightsaber

Then, we took Sharpie markers and added red buttons and black stripes. My little man pointed out that Jedi lightsabers have black stripes at the bottom of the handle.

use sharpie marker to draw detail on green lightsaber
So, they are different from the ones used by the Dark Side. The Dollar Store didn’t have red pool noodles, so the orange is supposed to resemble Darth Vader’s saber.

draw details on lightsaber handle with sharpie

The little man also wanted to make a double light saber, so we just added some tape to the middle of a whole pool noodle and drew details on with a marker.

make a double lightsaber from one pool noodle

My kids had a blast playing with the pool noodle lightsabers when they were done. It was cloudy and cool today, so the weather was perfect for spending time outside. Even the teens had a good time. I don’t think they would pass up the chance to duel with their younger siblings!

green and orange pool noodle lightsabers for star wars party

Thanks so much for visiting our little Jedi training camp, and may the force be with you!

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  1. Elizabeth Lund says:

    What a great idea!! Love the simplicity! Pinned!!