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How to Turn an Inexpensive Charger into a Sunflower Chalkboard

Hi Folks!

I just love sunflowers — there’s something about them that just makes me smile, and this is the time of year when I begin adding sunflowers around the house. I was at Michael’s the other day when I spotted some summer chargers on clearance, and although I couldn’t use them as they were, I knew I could easily change them with some spray paint. One of them was shaped like a flower, and I decided to turn the charger into a sunflower chalkboard.

yellow and black sunflower chalkboard charger with bon appetit lettering

This is what the charger looked like when I bought it — bright orange, scratched and paint chipping around the edges.

metallic orange charger

I spray painted the entire charger with yellow spray paint. My go-to brand is Rustoleum, and since it contains a primer, it covers things pretty well. It only took two coats to go from a metallic orange to a beautiful shade of yellow.

orange charger spraypainted yellow

After the paint dried, I painted the center with black chalkboard paint. It took a few coats to get the dark coverage I wanted, but after it dried for 24 hours, it was ready to go. You just have to rub a light coat of chalk over the paint and wipe if off before you write on it — this primes the surface and makes the chalk easier to erase. 

Now, I have a pretty sunflower chalkboard! Last year, I turned an old silver thrift-store tray into a chalkboard menu tray for the dining room, so I plan on keeping the sunflower chalkboard in my kitchen. But it can easily be used for outside cookouts and barbecues.

yellow and black sunflower chalkboard charger on picnic table

Not bad for only a dollar! I liked how it turned out, so I went back and bought some more chargers, just to use wherever I think they will work!

Thanks for stopping by — have a sunny day!

Dee šŸ™‚

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