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Hi Friends! You know how wonderful sheets smell when they first come out of the dryer? I love that! In fact, I have such an an obsession with freshly laundered sheets that they usually go directly from the dryer onto the beds. But, that just-washed scent doesn’t last long at all. 

But, I recently started making my own linen spray, and it makes the sheets smell fabulous. Plus, it’s super easy too. And, I’ve come to love this homemade lavender spray so much, that I use it for clothes, towels and just about everything else.

lavender linen spray in blue glass bottles

I know you can buy some wonderful linen sprays in the stores, but they can be pretty pricey. And, I’m not a fan of most of the cheaper, heavily scented room sprays and fabric sprays that are out there. 

The nice thing about making your own linen spray is that it’s inexpensive and you can control the amount of scent that you use. Oh, there aren’t any weird ingredients either. My favorite spray contains only water and essential oil, and just a tiny bit of alcohol as a stabilizer for the oil. If you don’t want to use alcohol, you can try witch hazel, instead.

lavender spray for sheets

Supplies for Lavender Spray

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Glass spray bottles
  • Vodka, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel
  • Distilled water

I have to admit that my version isn’t very scientific. I added one ounce of vodka to a four-ounce spray bottle. Then, I added five drops of the lavender oil and topped it off with three ounces of distilled water.

You can always use more oil if you prefer a heavier scent. Then, I shook the mixture up and sprayed away.
diy lavender spray made with lavender essential oil

I like to spray the sheets before bedtime, and I’ll also mist the air in the bedroom and let the ceiling fans distribute that fantastic lavender scent throughout the rooms.

I also bought a smaller bottle to carry in my purse, and this is perfect for when we are out and need a quick pick-me-up, especially now that the weather is warm. I just sprayed a bit of homemade lavender spray on our clothes, and it was so refreshing!

If you are interested in learning more about the homemade sprays and other things you can make with essential oils, just let me know. I could go on and on about these fun DIYs for days.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Christine | Where The Smiles Have Been says:

    Another fabulous post….thank you so much for sharing this! I usually buy the kind at Bath & Body Works, but this looks like a much more cost-effective alternative. Thanks for linking up with us again at Merry Monday, and we'd love to see you this week too! 🙂

  2. Dee M says:

    Experimenting is so much fun — we do a lot of that! 🙂