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Hi Everyone,

Today, my little American Girl Doll lover came up with another idea for using an old sock to create doll clothes. Last month, she made this cute AG doll outfit from an old red soccer sock. That one made a perfect Christmas outfit, but she wanted to make some everyday clothes too. For the Christmas outfit, she cut the very tip of the toe off to make a beret, and for this outfit, she used a bigger piece of the toe area to make a beanie for her doll. 

no sew doll hat made from old sock, AG doll beanie from old sock

She wanted to add some embellishments to the beanie, and at first we thought about gluing some mini pom poms to the hat. But, because I wanted to keep this as kid friendly as possible, we searched the craft stash and found some round foam stickers in various colors.

no-sew American girl doll hat from sock, add foam stickers

She settled on a mix of white and green stickers, and then she just popped them out and stuck them onto the hat in a random pattern.

adding stickers to American Girl doll hat from sock

You can see how the edge is rough, but just roll it up, and it looks the same as a knit hat with a band across the bottom. One of my teens has a similar hat, except hers doesn’t have polka dots. The little Diva was going for a cuter vibe! That’s all there is too it–isn’t it easy? The stickers stay on, but if she wants to change the look, she can also peel them off and start over.

no sew American Girl Doll beanie made from old sock, no-sew doll hat
Here, we have our model showing off her hip new beanie. Actually, the outfit isn’t new, but as we all know, new accessories can update any outfit!

American Girl doll beanie from old sock, no sew doll hat from sock
I love the urban hip vibe of this outfit. I also love that my little Diva found a way to make no sew doll outfits by herself. Why? Because this mom cannot sew a thing! Anyway, isn’t this a cute beanie? 
no sew american girl doll beanie from sock, doll hat from sock

If you have girls or granddaughters who have American Girl dolls, or any dolls this size, they will probably love creating their own easy doll outfits.

Thanks for visiting me today, and viewing the latest project. If you try this one, I’d love to hear what you think. Take care, and have an awesome day!

Dee šŸ™‚

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  1. Hope E Kuchler says:

    How do you keep the sock from unraveling at the cut line ?

    1. Dee says:

      I never had a problem with the sock unraveling. It does curl up a little at the bottom, though.