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Hi friends! When my kiddos were small, they loved using those plastic pumpkins to carry their candy on Halloween. But now that the kids are getting older and bringing home a lot more candy, those little pumpkins just aren’t cutting it. In fact last year, we even had to make a quick run home before heading out again. I think we just have some very generous neighbors! So I got creative and made this super easy no-sew Halloween tote bag that definitely has more room for treats!

easy-tutorial-to-make-a-no-sew-Halloween-tote-bag-for trick-or-treating

As much as I love to get crafty, I absolutely, positively do not sew. No offense to those of you who do, and really, it’s an awesome skill to have, but it’s definitely not my thing. So, anytime I can do a no-sew project, I go for it.

I was in the craft store yesterday, and I saw these adorable felt pumpkins. At first, I thought I could use one or two for a Halloween pillow, but our pillows tend to end up on the floor. So then I remembered that the kids needed some new bags for trick-or-treating, and I decided to decorate some tote bags with the felt pumpkins instead.

I bought a pack of medium-sized canvas tote bags, some yellow felt, and since I had a coupon, the entire project cost less than $10. And it only took a few minutes too. Go me! 

So, here’s how to make a no-sew Halloween tote bag:


  • Medium canvas tote bag
  • Medium felt pumpkin 
  • Yellow felt
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard

felt pumpkin and felt to decorate plain canvas tote bag

First, make sure the pumpkin fits the size of the bag. I ended up snipping off the top of the stem to make room for the pumpkin. I also saw some felt pumpkins at the Dollar Store, but they were too large for this size bag. But hey, if your neighbors are super generous, you may want to upgrade to an even larger bag! 

trim felt pumpkin to fit bag

Next, I trimmed the yellow felt so that it fit just underneath the pumpkin and filled the spaces for the eyes, nose and mouth. You can see that I wasn’t that neat with the cutting, but nobody will see this!

yellow felt and white canvas bag

Then, I lined the pumpkin up so that it covered the yellow felt, and I glued the pumpkin on top of the felt. Here’s where you may want to use some cardboard inside the tote, just so that the glue doesn’t seep through the canvas.

diy felt jack o lantern tote bag for halloween
I used hot glue to attach the pumpkin to the bag, and it worked like a charm. Just be sure to trim any glue strings so that the tote looks nice and neat.

diy pumpkin no-sew canvas tote bag for halloween

And now, you’ve got an easy no-sew Halloween tote bag! It’s also nice and bright, which is perfect for Halloween, especially if the kids are out after dark. 

My little Jedi can’t decide if he want this one or if he wants to give this one to his sister. I have more bags, and since this is such an easy craft, I can whip up another Halloween tote in no time at all.

Thank you SO much for stopping by!

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  1. Robin says:

    Dee, this is just adorable and totally doable! Thanks so much for inspiring us this week on Monday Funday! ox

  2. Dee M says:

    Thanks, Shantel! It's definitely my kind of craft. 🙂

  3. Shantel Jones says:

    Now that is my kind of bag, easy and cute!

  4. Dee M says:

    That sounds amazing, Carol, and I'm sure your grands loved them! This is about as close to homemade as we'll get over here. 😉

  5. Carol says:

    That is really cute, Dee! I made some of those several years ago for our grandchildren. I had some really cute Halloween fabric and did all kinds of appliquéd shapes, & some of the fabric even glowed in the dark…..probably put way more effort into those bags than was needed, considering they no doubt got beat up during trick or treating! They were fun and just one of those things that Nanas do… least once!