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Hello Everyone,

I’ve always had a thing for polka dots, and when I saw some cute polka dot pillow covers on the Pottery Barn website, I decided to try to make a pillow cover that was similar to theirs. I’ve been trying to incorporate touches of blue into my family room, and I bought some light blue pillows after Christmas. However, I’ve been wanting to add some dark blue shades too.

A few years ago, I bought some plain pillow covers on clearance, and I held onto them until I had a place to use them. Does anyone else ever shop like this? Personally, I’ve learned that it’s usually better to take advantage of a great deal when I find one. Anyway, After seeing a lot of indigo being used lately, I decided it was time to act.

blue and white polka dot pillow, paint

I started out with this plain blue pillow cover. If you sew, you can easily make your own cover out of any fabric. I pretty much run from sewing machines, but this is still a nice way to jazz up a cheap pillow cover! The fabric is still slightly creased, but I know it will smooth out over time. Some people would probably recommend using an iron first, but I tend to run from irons, as well.  

blue pillow cover

Some of you may remember the stamped heart pillow I made for Valentine’s Day and how I used a wine cork to stamp some paint onto the pillow cover. I thought about using this same technique again, but I wanted smaller polka dots. So this time, I used the tip of a regular pencil eraser as a stamp. I used the same basic craft paint as before, and it works very well with the fabric. There’s no need to buy a special kind of paint.

white craft paint stamp

I dabbed some paint onto the eraser and stamped polka dots in a random pattern all over the cover. It ended up resembling a striped pattern, although if you turn the pillow around, the pattern changes slightly. Everything tends to look different in person! Some of the white dots are darker than others, but this makes the pillow have sort of a shimmery effect.

blue and white polka dot pillow, paint

This was so easy and took hardly any time at all to complete. The kids were watching TV, and other than being told not to bounce on the sofa during the photo session, they had no idea what I was doing. This is why I love doing quick and easy crafts! The new polka dot pillow even goes with the other blue pillows I have, which is always a good thing!

                           blue and white polka dot pillow, paint
 Why spend a ton of money on accessories, when you can easily make your own? So, the next time you come across plain pillow covers, grab them, and make your own custom pillow!

Is anyone else decorating with shades of blue this year? If you are, I would love to hear about it!

Thanks for the visit, and have a great day!

Dee šŸ™‚

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