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Hey Everyone!

If you have young kiddos, you know how much they love to create their own artwork. But kids can easily lose interest and grow bored with crafts that are too advanced or complicated. As a matter of fact, I feel the same way! 

Last year, I was helping out in my little girl’s class with a craft that was so complicated that the other moms and I ended up doing most of the work while the kids grew restless. It was a super cute picture frame, but it involved glue guns, toothpicks and loads of small stickers–way too complicated for little people!

When we do crafts at home, I always make sure the kids can easily complete them. Even if they are super simple, I love these treasures because my kids created them. Here are some Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids that are easy for small children to do on their own. And big kids can have fun with them too.

Foam hearts

I found these plain foam hearts at the craft store, and I just let the kids decorate them with stickers and markers–any way they wanted to.

Easy decorated foam hearts

The older ones got more creative and wrote different words and sayings on the hearts. The youngest ones chose what stickers they wanted and just stuck them onto the foam heart. My little guy, of course, chose blue hearts–nothing fancy for him!

Then, I used some ornament hooks, stuck them through the foam hearts and hung them on a decorative ficus tree. This is our version of a Valentine’s Day tree!

Valentine's Day tree with foam hearts

This year, we made salt dough hearts for Valentine’s Day. The kids have always enjoyed playing with dough, and after they had fun experimenting with various shapes, we made some hearts and some doll food. My Little Diva
added polka dots to hers, and we hung these around the house.

salt dough heart ornaments

I used some hearts for my mantel and hung the polka dot hearts on a small shelf.

Salt dough hearts

I also added a couple of hearts to wall sconces in the entryway. It’s nothing fancy, but they look so cute here!

salt dough heart ornaments

If you’re looking for a quick Valentine’s Day craft for your kids, both the foam hearts and salt dough ornaments are easy to make, and you can save them to use again and again. They are also cheap! Do you decorate a lot for Valentine’s Day, or do you keep it simple?

Thanks for visiting our home and checking out our Valentine’s Day decorations. Have a wonderful day!

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