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Hello There!

Happy Star Wars Day! That’s right, it’s May 4th, so May the fourth be with you! Get it? Any other Star Wars fans out there?

boy in Darth Vader costume Star Wars

My family loves the Star Wars saga, and we’re one of those families that has been following all of the news about Star Wars Episode 7. We were even discussing possible plot lines around the dinner table tonight, and we’ve been watching the series on DVD over the weekend. Maybe it’s a nerd thing — I even have a Darth Vader spatula! Anyway, I couldn’t resist doing a lighthearted post today.

This is my little guy posing as Darth Vader for Halloween. He only made it to the first few houses on the street before I was carrying his mask and light saber. He insisted on carrying the candy — probably because he didn’t trust his mom around the goodies!

So, whatever your plans are, I hope you enjoy your day, and May the fourth be with you! šŸ™‚


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