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You know those industrial style tables that are so popular right now? You can find them just about anywhere, ranging from pricey originals to thrifty knock-offs. I’ve had a pair of nesting tables for a few years, and although they had a metal base, the tops were dark laminate, which attracted dust and dog hair by the minute! If the tables were square, it would be easy to cut some wood to fit and attach it to the top. But since they are round, this wasn’t an option. So, I did the next best thing and painted the tops to look like the weathered industrial tables I love.

painted round industrial style nesting tables painted with spray paint, latex paint and acrylic paint

This is how the tables looked before their makeover. I taped off the metal base and was about to start spray painting them when I realized I hadn’t taken a picture yet.

two industrial style laminate brown nesting tables

I began by spray painting the laminate tops with primer so that the coat of latex paint would adhere better.  I wanted the table to look like faded, painted wood, so I started out by mixing some brown and black acrylic paint into white latex paint. This gave me a soft grey color. 

Personally, my favorite paint brand is Behr, with the primer added. I love the coverage, and I always have a stash on hand. To mimic the look of wood grain, I always use a cheapo brush without a lot of paint — This technique gives a nice rustic finish. 

Here is the table after the first coat of latex.

round nesting table painted with spray paint and latex paint
I dabbed a little bit of dark brown pain onto the tip of the brush and made streaks on top of the grey base. Then, I blended the brown into the grey until I got the effect I was after. This is how dry the brush is — you can hardly see the brown, but it’s enough to give color where you want it. If you look closely at the table, you can see the rough finish.
paint with dry brush on table
The table tops look lighter in the picture than they really are, but you can still see the dark streaks. I love the contrast between the light top and the dark sides and legs — exactly the look I wanted! And, because I already had the supplies, I got these industrial style nesting tables for free. The power of paint is awesome!

round industrial side tables painted grey and brown with lantern and pinecones

And, the best part of this furniture makeover is that these tables are now a lot easier to keep clean, and that’s always a plus for me!    

Thanks for stopping by to view my painted nesting tables — Have a great day!

Dee šŸ™‚

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