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Hi There!

Did you all have a nice Christmas? If you have school-age kids, I hope you are all enjoying a nice break. We had a wonderful Christmas, but the best part about the holidays is being able to have extra family time and enjoy some needed time off from everything! I have so many plans for new projects, but since the kids also gifted me with the sniffles, I haven’t been able to act on my ambitions!

So instead, I’m going to show off some hand-painted plates that my oldest three kiddos gave me for Christmas. I absolutely love receiving handmade gifts, especially when they come from the kids. I also like to think that my own love of DIY projects will inspire them to keep creating their own items so that they will pass this love onto their own families. In other words, the best gifts are not necessarily the most expensive! Anyway, check these out!

hand painted plates, snowflake plates

Aren’t they pretty! The plates came from Target, and the kids said that they used paint pens to draw the snowflakes onto the plates. I’ve posted about my own peppermint plates and maroon and gold plates, but I honestly like these better! And, I now have something to keep up as part of my winter decor!

blue and white snowflake plates, hand-painted plates

As you can see, the kids put some serious effort into painting the plates, and I love how each snowflake is different, just like a real snowflake would be. I have these pretty plates hanging in a plate holder for now.

hand-painted snowflake plates in plate holder, blue and white plates

When I take down the Christmas decorations, I’m thinking that these might look great on the fireplace mantel. It makes me smile to think that even though my oldest two are teens, I can still display their artwork!

Is anyone else already taking the decorations down, or do you leave yours up for awhile longer?

Thanks for visiting me and letting show off my special gifts! Have a wonderful day!

Dee šŸ™‚

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