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Hi Friends!

My kids all love Legos — even the girls. But my little man is completely addicted to them, and his collection is growing fast! He got a few new sets for Christmas, and he’s already working on his birthday list, which of course, consists of more Legos! Our biggest problem is keeping the little bricks and mini figures from overtaking the house, and if you’ve ever stepped on one of these, you know it’s not fun. So, I decided to work on getting these guys organized, and I made this cute DIY Lego head storage container from a plastic jar.

lego head storage container made from plastic jar

There are a lot of ways to store Legos, but the problem is getting the kids to actually put the pieces away. I bought some of those little plastic containers with the Lego heads on them, thinking they would be good for keeping the figures separate from the bricks. But those aren’t that big, and they aren’t cheap. 

So, I was looking at this large plastic jar, which formerly held snack mix, and it vaguely reminded me of a Lego head. I thought if I turned it into a storage container, the kids would want to use it for the little figures. But first, I had to remove the label. Usually, I can remove labels from jars by just using some Dawn, but this stinker was not budging! Finally, I used a mixture of peanut butter and baking soda, and voila — it worked! 

empty plastic jar of archer farms trail mix

I gave the jar a couple of coats of yellow Rust-Oleum spray paint and let it dry. Turning the jars upside down before painting seems to work best for me, and you can see that even the box is now a pretty shade of yellow!

spray paint jar with yellow rust-oleum paint

I got out some of my son’s Lego figures out to use as a guide, and I used paint pens to draw the face.

large lego head storage container made with rust-oleum spray paint and large plastic jar

The circles aren’t completely even, but I think I came pretty close. Isn’t he cute?!

diy lego head storage box with lego mini figures and bricks

So then, I had to explain to the kiddos that I wasn’t playing with the Legos all day and I was actually working on something — ha, ha. The kids think it’s cute, and if they like it, I like it. Now I just have to stock up on snack mix and turn the empty jars into more Lego head storage containers — fun!

How are you conquering clutter this year? If you have any tips for storing toys, I’d love to hear them. Thanks a bunch for stopping by — Have a super day!

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  1. Dee M says:

    They're so easy to make, and so much better than paying retail! šŸ™‚

  2. B. Lynn says:

    Great idea!!! It's fun and functional… My two favorite things combined:) And a whole lot cheaper than the $20ish ones I've seen in the stores.
    I just might have to make one of these for my little guy!
    Found this on Living Well Spending Less: Thrifty Thursday